What can I do to fight the Obamacare decision now that the Supreme Court has ruled it a tax and therefore constitutional?

Although the United States Federal Government has always possessed the right to tax citizens, the right has never been interpreted to include the right to tax citizens into purchasing products or services from their neighbors and other private entities. The Roberts’ decision changed this and therefore vastly expanded the right of both government and corporations to force American citizens to comply with their will.

Nullification and the rejection of the individual state exchanges does not do enough to end this precedent. Even if these efforts were successful, the likelihood of which is very small, the seed has been sown for this power to be abused at any time in the future. The precedent Obamacare and the Supreme Court decision establish are a very real threat to our children and our country’s future.

Therefore, the only way to address the threat to individual liberty and our country is to amend the US Constitution to prohibit such power from ever being considered again. A simple, common sense amendment that strikes at the root of the real threat the Roberts’ decision posses to all Americans no matter their political affiliation is an absolute necessity. The Right to Refuse Amendment is this solution.

I don’t think this amendment has much chance of passing, for example the pharmaceutical industry is a huge lobby that has already infiltrated government mandates for such things as with vaccines. Do you think you’ll be hard-pressed to find representatives in the House and Senate who have not profited in this way and would be amenable to voting in favor of the amendment?

You are correct the big pharmaceutical companies have a huge lobby that has already infiltrated government mandates, this is all the MORE the reason why this amendment must pass. For now at least, the government is still beholden to the people’s vote. For how much longer? Who knows?

But to not do this because the precedent is more engrained in our society than we think is illogical.

We don’t need the present stock of politicians on either side to agree with us; what we need is the public to realize the the unintended consequences of the power that has been granted to the Federal Government by way of the Roberts’ decision on Obamacare.

The Right to Refuse Amendment does exactly this. It frames the argument as is must be framed – not in regard to how much money such mandates might save us, but in regard to the fact that when corporations are empowered with the taxing power of government, there is nothing they cannot force us to do or buy.

What can I do to fight the Obamacare decision?

We need advocates in all 50 states. These advocates simply need to create awareness of the Right to Refuse Amendment by:

  • Writing articles in their local and statewide newspapers
  • Calling into talk radio and speaking about the Amendment
  • Finding like minded individuals to do the same
  • Join local civic organizations and present to them the amendment (suggested talking points, downloadable handouts, and recorded presentations available on our Right to Refuse Amendment Media Page)
  • Asking political parties, civic organizations, and our political representatives at all levels of government to officially endorse the Amendment
  • Sign up for the newsletter (right top side of page) and forward it to EVERYONE you know

Once a coalition is formed in every state, the next step is to request that each of your local congress people present the Amendment to Congress. By making these requests all at once, we have a greater chance of getting it debated and voted in each house.

What about states’ rights, will this change mandatory car insurance laws?

The way the Amendment reads, it is only the US Congress that is prohibited from mandating the purchase of products or services from a private company.

What effects will the Right to Refuse Amendment have on Federally mandated social programs? Will this Amendment change my eligibility or contributions Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?

No. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security do not force citizens to purchase the products or services of a private company.

I do not believe this Amendment goes far enough. Can’t the Federal Government simply socialize medicine, as in a single payer system, and bypass this Amendment?

Yes, this is the true goal of Obamacare. Yet we must fight the battles as they are presented, then prioritize and set achievable goals. The goal today must be to stem this tide towards corporatism, which is the direction Obamacare and the Roberts’ decision is taking America. By fighting this battle today, we erect a wall between the federal government and the corporations that relentlessly try to buy influence into the system. This is the immediate threat that must be addressed today. Socialized medicine is an inevitability unless this threat is addressed first.

What about an effort to pass the Right to Refuse Amendment state by state?

This is a great idea and our team can use someone to take the lead on this effort

Let us help you get started TODAY! Email the Right to Refuse Amendment Outreach Team for more information.

The Right to Refuse Amendment does not specify who is affected by the “no mandate” wording. Does this mean that government cannot purchase goods or services from a private entity?

No. Congress does not mandate expenditures, but rather it appropriates funding for legislation passed. The Right to Refuse Amendment would not encumber federal government spending; it would continue as it has for many decades.