Pass the Mandate Amendment

Presently, the mandate amendment is in the  planning stages, but it is intended to be an amendment to the United States Constitution making it illegal for Congress to mandate citizens purchase anything from a private company.

It presently reads:

Congress shall make no law mandating the purchase of a product or services from a private entity.

Why the Mandate Amendment?

The recent Supreme Court decision, ruling that Congress possesses the right to tax citizens into buying the products and services of a private company, opens the door to similar legislation. It is now conceivable that Congress could pass laws which favor certain companies, services, or products, making it mandatory for citizens to purchase products at whim. This clearly goes against the American principles and opens the door for politicians and corporation to combine power and impose their will upon the American public.

Who are we?

We are a group of concerned citizens from all walks of life and from across the political spectrum. We have put our individual politics aside in the interest of stopping this egregious attack on the founding principles of our country. While we realize we have a fight ahead of us, we believe this amendment is important for our children and grandchildren; if they are to live in a country where they have the same opportunities as we did.

What can you do?

We are always looking for like-minded people who believe as we do, that this amendment is needed. We need people who can organize local efforts, help with mailings, develop promotional materials, blog, call talk shows and contribute financially. Whatever you political stripe, you can’t argue this mandate wouldn’t be good for the country. Please join us.

Also, you can download the informational PDF to learn more and to distribute to those who care enough about their country to make a difference.

The Mandate Amendment Coalition

No matter political affiliation, no one benefits from politicians and corporation combining power

Why the Mandate Amendment

The precedent set by the Roberts’ decision may not result in government intrusion into nearly every aspect of our lives this year, or in ten years, or maybe in our lifetime.  Yet once the principle that government can tax you into buying products or services from a private company is sewn into the fabric of our country, the country we leave to our children will be very different from the country we now know.  Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and members of every other political philosophy should be appalled by the recent events surrounding the Obamacare decision.

Are you a Democrat concerned about corporate influence in our government?

Although you may favor universal health care, granting government the right to force citizens to buy the products and services of a private company, you betray your core principle of protecting everyone from evil corporations.  What if the next president wants to tax you to the point where you must buy of pay a fine for his pet project?

Are you an environmentalist?

Although you too may see a benefit in the health insurance mandate, consider the consequences of your advocacy.  What if a Republican is in office and with a majority in both houses and decides to tax all other energy sources but oil because he/she believes that is  in our country’s best interest?  The precedent set by the Roberts’ decision makes this possible.

Are you are a Republican?

Republicans must support the Mandate Amendment or validate their perceived stereotype, that Republicans  are in the pocket of corporations.

Are you are a Libertarian?

The dangers to your freedom, of concentrating corrupting power in the hands of government and corporations should be self-evident.

Are you a Capitalist?

You should support the Mandate Amendment because it goes the heart of capitalist ethics, and if you do not you also fall into feeding the stereotype that you are simply a tool of corporate America.

The Mandate Amendment doesn’t just limit the power of government, but also that of corporations.  Advocating for it proves that those who support it want to put a solid barrier between corporations and our politicians.

We of the Mandate Amendment Initiative understand that most people who support the health insurance mandate of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare mean well.  Yet consider the unintended consequences:

  • What is the precedent and the principle being ingrained in our society?
  • How can this power be abused today, tomorrow, and decades from now?
  • Do you as a Democrat trust Republicans with this power?
  • Do you as Republicans trust Democrats with this power?
  • Do you as an independent trust ANYONE with this power?
  • Once this power is abused, are you willing to leave this battle to your children and grandchildren?

When the coercive power of government is combined with the money-making power of corporations, the American experiment is over.  Join us today.