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First the Obamacare Mandate, Next Flu Vaccinations

forced vaccinations, government mandated vaccines, mandate amendment, vaccines and you, children’s vaccinesIt seems we are in a midst of an influenza epidemic, so far 18 children have died, and 2,287 children under 18 have been hospitalized. USA Today even has a weekly flu update map so you can check the progress of the flu. It’s bad and you know it is only a matter of time before there are calls for everyone to be vaccinated, whether they like it or not.

Does that bother you? Do you believe you should have the right to decide if you or your children should be vaccinated or be injected with any substance against your will? How about the government telling you to vaccinate your daughters against HPV?  Don’t think that can happen?  Well folks the precedent has been set and it is only a matter of time.

You see the Supreme Court has already ruled that it is okay for the government to mandate that every one has to purchase healthcare through Obamacare. How is ordering you to vaccinate yourself or your children any different?  Maybe they’ll just tax you so heavily you have to choose between food for a month and the basic, self evident right to choose what goes into you and your child’s body? Continue reading “First the Obamacare Mandate, Next Flu Vaccinations” »

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