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Another Union Against Obamacare

unions and Obamacare, Obamacare mistake, union mistake, union health care, affordable care act unionsRemember how all those unions were touting Obamacare and just how wonderful it was going to be? Well it seems some of them are changing their minds, the latest being the roofers union.

Yup, according to a post from, it seems that the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers, one of the initial supporters of Obamacare, has decided maybe it isn’t such a good thing after all. It seems unions have found out the costs of their employees’ healthcare will rise and that this will have to be passed on to the employers. When an employer’s costs go up, they may not be able to be competitive when it comes to bidding on jobs. If they can’t be competitive on their bids, they won’t get the work. If they don’t get the work, they won’t need employees. See how this works?

I suppose there is another solution, employers can take the route of companies such as Regal Entertainment Group and cut employees hours to less than thirty a week so they no longer have to provide health insurance to them. Yup, this sure is a great way to help our economy get back on track. which brings up an interesting side note:

If people have their hours cut, this will affect their disposable income which is used for such things as buying movie tickets. If people don’t pay to see movies, what affect will this have on all those high priced, super smart, Hollywood actors who tell us all the time how great Obamacare is?

Where was I?

You know when the unions stop supporting Obamacare there must be a problem. Too bad they already reelected Obama, empowering him to impose his will even more upon our society.  The unions along with so many others who felt that discarding the American principle in which each individual has a self evident and natural right to self determination and in particular, the right to NOT buy the products and services of the Corporations, will sooner or later realize the ignorance of their choice.

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